Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Love is something that we experience in many ways towards many different things. But the love between people is something that can be completely unlimited.
As we all know love exists not only between heterosexuals but of course also between LGBT people.
Unfortunately many homophobes think that being gay is just a sexual attraction and that people of the same sex can not have romantic feelings for each other. This opinion is not only popular between homophobic people but is also becoming one of the main ''arguments'' they use in their speeches against LGBT community.
As a part of LGBT community or just as people who support LGBT rights, it is our duty to educate and inform the society about these simple things:
Homosexuality  is not just a sexual attraction to the same sex. There can be romantic feelings between LGBT people just like in heterosexual relationship.
Love exists everywhere and it's pointless to deny that fact.
The ability of loving and being loved is given to everybody. So instead of accusing other people let's just embrace it and move on.
With  LOVE,

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